Advantages/Benefits of Binary MLM Plan

Inside leg placement: Inside leg placement is used to balance the legs in the binary tree. Distributors will add new members to the weak leg to balance the sales volume and active participation is assured.

Cycle point: A minimum sales volume is set for commission payment by binary companies. The pay leg must meet this volume or else the commission won’t be commenced until it meets the cycle point.

Individual volume threshold: A sales volume threshold is set to make sure every distributor contributes to the binary business.

Leg flush: MLM companies can flush out both weak and strong leg sales or reset sales volume to zero

Hybrid binary plan

A binary plan can be modified by combining with other compensation plans. Why should an MLM company go for a hybrid plan?

MLM company strategies vary and they might even have their own custom plan to add in the existing binary plan. The plans are chosen by analyzing the present marketing situations. With the best marketing plan, companies can become popular and beneficial in productivity.

Binary MLM calculator

Yes, the binary plan has been popular since the early days and the calculations were made manually. However, a binary system calculation with many networkers is a clutter-job. The emergence of binary calculators or simulators resolved this difficulty.

By providing the necessary input on the binary calculator like the package details, compensations, and other expenses, an output can be simulated.

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